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Lap Panel Fencing


Lap fencing is a very popular option for most gardens, offering privacy and security to your property. Standard lengths of 1830mm (6'). Panels are usually secured between 3x3 posts, 4x4 posts or concrete.
Intermediate height and non standard widths available to order and produced on site.

Available in:
6' x 6' high
6' x 5' high
6' x 4' high
6' x 3' high

Picket Fencing


Picket fencing makes a picturesque decrotive boundary marker for most applications where visual privacy is not important but security is.
Also available in rounded top, plained finish and non standard sizes made to order.

Standard sizes:
6' x 4' high
6' x 3' high

Closeboard Fencing


Stronger/Higher security otherwise as lap panel. Very popular for most domestic applications. Can be erected with 3x3 posts, 4x4 posts or concrete slotted posts.

Available in:
6' x 6' high
6' x 5' high
6' x 4' high
6' x 3' high

Loose Closeboard Fencing


Here we see 1650mm (5'6") loose closeboarding on arris rails with both concrete posts and gravel boards.

Available in:
2' 6" high upto
6'6" as standard

Post and Rail Fencing


Primarily used for paddocks and fields. Can be easily erected with usually two or three rails. Posts are usually 1800 x 125 x 72mm (6' x 5" x 3") nominal with backweathered top. Rails are 3600 x 87 x 38mm (12' x 3,5" x 1.5") nominal.
All are pressure treated to protect against rot and insect attack.

Chainlink Fencing


25M rolls Green PVC on bright cose available from stock
Available in:
900m / 1200mm / 1400mm / 1500mm / 1800mm

25m rolls galvanised available from stock.
Available in:
900mm / 1200mm / 1800mm