Fencing and Gate Suppliers for hertford, Ware, Stevenage and beyond

As our business name suggests, we are local fence and gate suppliers for the people of Hertfordshire and Essex. As well as delivering fencing materials to customers that want to build their own, we also design and build bespoke fencing and bespoke made gates. These made-to-order products are built to our clients’ exact specifications and delivererd throughout Ware, Stevenage, and beyond.

Bespoke Gate Suppliers

Of course, any bespoke fencing solution requires a bespoke made gates to match. Whether you’re fitting a new front gate, back gate or side gate, we can help you choose the perfect one for your property. Designed to match your specific requirements, all our custom-made gates are designed and made by our expert craftsman to ensure a snug fit and a beautiful finish.

Bespoke Fencing in Ware and Stevenage

Getting the fencing right on your property can be a chore, particularly if you’ve never had to install a fence before. The materials have to be measured with precision to ensure they remain stable under bad weather conditions. Likewise, the fence posts need to be properly set, if the whole thing is expected to last.

Fence Suppliers

Of course, some people prefer to build their own fences from scratch and we can certainly respect that. At Norbury Fencing and Building Materials Limited, we have a wide selection of fencing boards and posts allowing you to do just that. Speak to our team today for free advice on the best materials for the job.


Lap fencing is a very popular option for most gardens, offering privacy and security to your property. Standard lengths of 1830mm (6′). Panels are usually secured between 3×3 posts, 4×4 posts or concrete.
Intermediate height and non standard widths available to order and produced on site.

Available in
6′ x 6′ high | 6′ x 5′ high | 6′ x 4′ high | 6′ x 3′ high.


Picket fencing makes a picturesque decorative boundary marker for most applications where visual privacy is not important but security is.
Also available in rounded top, plained finish and non standard sizes made to order.

Available in
6′ x 4′ high | 6′ x 3′ high



Stronger/Higher security otherwise as lap panel. Very popular for most domestic applications. Can be erected with 3×3 posts, 4×4 posts or concrete slotted posts.

Available in
6′ x 6′ high | 6′ x 5′ high | 6′ x 4′ high | 6′ x 3′ high.


Here we see 1650mm (5’6″) loose closeboarding on arris rails with both concrete posts and gravel boards.

Available in
2′ 6″ high up to | 6′ 6″ as standard.


Primarily used for paddocks and fields. Can be easily erected with usually two or three rails. All are pressure treated to protect against rot and insect attack.

Available in
Posts – 1800 x 125 x 72mm (6ft x 5″ x 3″) | Rails – 3600 x 87 x 38mm (12ft x 3.5″ x 1.5″).


PVC coated chain link has a 2.24 mm wire core with a pvc coating , making the overall diameter 3.15 mm nominal. The mesh size is 50 mm x 50 mm.

It is shown in the picture on black painted angle iron posts. As an alternative concrete posts, angle iron posts, galvanized or powder coated.

Please contact our sales team for an up to date quote.

Available in
900mm | 1200mm | 1400mm | 1500mm | 1800mm



Galvanized chain link is more durable than plastic coated and has a wire diameter of 3.0mm and mesh size of 50 mm x 50 mm.

Available in
900mm | 1200mm | 1800mm


We offer close board gates , tongue and grove, farm gates and many other styles. Most of these are manufactured in our joinery area and can usually be made to a bespoke size and design if required.

Available in
Bespoke made to measure service

Gate fittings and Ironmongery

From stock we offer most of the standard gate fittings. A more extensive range is available to order, this includes play equipment to electric fences.

Birkdale Ironmongery web site

Tools , Groundwork

Shovels , Forks , Rakes ,  Trugs , Buckets , Wheelbarrows and much more from stock.


Standard trellis are manufactured from 38 x 16 nominal batten size with a 95 mm nominal hole size. We can bespoke manufacture to most requirements with smaller holes or different material size.

Available in
6 x 6 , 6 x 5 , 6 x 4 , 6 x 3 , 6 x 2 , 6 x 1 as standard.

Concrete posts and gravel boards

We keep large stocks of concrete posts for both panel fencing and loose close board. Concrete repair spurs , concrete gravel boards. Our posts and gravel boards are the Fen lite brand and are up to 45% lighter than conventional concrete products making them easier to handle.

FP McCann web site

Available in

Posts from 5′ up to 10′ | 6″ and 12″ concrete gravel boards 6″ long , 9’6″ x 6″ concrete gravel board | Mortised posts 5′ up to 9′

Why Choose Norbury Fencing and Building Materials Limited?

There are plenty of reasons to choose us for any fencing and gate supplies. All our products are of the highest standard, whether they are fencing supplies and materials, or custom-made bespoke fencing solutions. Our team works hard to ensure all our Ware and Stevenage customers get the fencing and gates they deserve.

Gate and Fence Suppliers Near Me

All our bespoke made gates and fences are built at our Hertford shop, before being delivered across Hertfordshire and Essex. Our team covers a 30-miles radius around our home town – one that includes:

Visit our Areas We Cover page for more details.

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